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I started writing this post, then recorded it for a fan medley for [livejournal.com profile] threepatch, and now here I am back to the working on the lj post. So yes, let me just shoot myself in the foot here poke at you guys about how you feel about this.

I don't pretend to have thought this through exhaustively and I don't pretend to be capital C correct about a damn thing. But here are my thoughts, muddled and decidedly uncogent as they are.

It'd be nice if I had a very high moral high ground to stand on (as, in fact, many people do see RPF as an issue of morality), and I'd feel a lot more secure if I, in fact, I saw things in black and white and felt things in black and white, and I were able to say, with conviction, "Yeah, you know what, there's a line I will not cross and this is it. No RPFs, none, and that's it, that's a squick, it's morally wrong."

But I don't have that line. I mean, not there, anyway. It's not a squick. And if it's morally wrong, I don't feel it sharply and instinctively like I feel other things are morally wrong. Is that...wrong?

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