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Seeing as how sometimes I turn this into a movie blog(?), and tonight last night marked my seeing all of the best picture nominees for the Oscars, I thought I should do a roundup of sorts. Not at all what I would term a prediction, by the way, because god knows the Oscar voters and me are not on the same page. But anyway, time for that later. First, the nominees.

The Big Short
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6.5/10. An okay procedural and comedy, but not my bag on many levels, and rather inexplicably nominated for best picture as far as I'm concerned.

Bridge of Spies
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8/10. A very, very solid movie about what makes America great. Well acted, well shot, poignant, backed by a lovely score.

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7/10. A immigrant story with modest story-telling ambitions that are nonetheless well-executed. It's a teethless sort of story, but it doesn't aim to be anything but that.

Mad Max: Fury Road
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10/10. I respect everything about this film, from the bar-setting practical effects, the insane death metal-apocalypse aesthetic, the kickass feminist themes, to the nonstop action. Wouldn't change a thing.

The Martian
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9/10. Fun as hell, hugely science-positive and life-affirming. I'm still struggling how to articulate why I don't think it's best picture material, but there isn't much more I could ask of this movie when it comes down to it.

The Revenant
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8.5/10. Not faultless, but brutal, beautiful, and superbly acted.

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9/10. Carried amazingly well by the two principals, well crafted, and poignant. One hell of a movie.

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6.5/10. A solid procedural with an important story and a very good heart at its center. Unfortunately, I just didn't think it made for very compelling art.

And just for the record, I think Carol and 45 Years definitely deserved nominations, and I'd argue Inside Out and Sicario deserve nods as well. God knows though, the Academy's mileage most definitely varies, and so may yours.
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This may or may not be the start of some new tag. You (might) know how projects around here go. Anyway, long story short, I have a MoviePass account. I have a netflix account. (Or access anyway.) Basically, I see a bunch of movies. And I usually livetweet my responses right after, but I thought, I dunno, that I would put thoughts into a more longform way. Blame Anna.

Anyhow, I considered dumping them onto tumblr, but god knows that place feels both very very small and very very large. And yeah, I'm straight up afraid of putting the wrong opinion into the wrong tag and winding up with internet-related PTSD. So here I am. A small corner of the internet, but one I have more control over. And I don't know if I will keep this up, but hey, I never do.

Anyway, enough bullshit. And as with everything longform I do, this one is of course, extremely overblown and overwritten and underedited. Whoops.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
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So. It was good. Pretty damn good. I'd be curious to know if I would feel the same impatience toward the end if I watched when I wasn't watching the clock so that I could get to work on time. But all in all, I'd still give it a good review. It did its job, which was make me interested in seeing episodes VIII and IV. And rewatch IV-VI, too. And maybe track down that Topher Grace cut of episodes I-III.

Ultimate rating: 5/7, har har. A much better idea to see this movie than snort baby powder.
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