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So, I found this website, femsplain. It's a "shared experience content publisher powered by contributions from anyone female identified." It's trying to carve out a safe space for female voices, free of harassment, aiming toward community. They're currently having a kickstarter, have been promoted by a few feminist celebrities, and have been going for about 4 months now. The format is that every month, they have themes; February's is desire. People can submit proposals to contribute: articles, art, video, etc. Most of it is articles.

And. I maybe am having the very bad idea of submitting something for it. Something to do with shipping. Women shipping slash ships.

And. I might have already written a proposal for it.

It might be under the cut.
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I don't know if I'm submitting it. I'm probably going to think on it.
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I started writing this post, then recorded it for a fan medley for [livejournal.com profile] threepatch, and now here I am back to the working on the lj post. So yes, let me just shoot myself in the foot here poke at you guys about how you feel about this.

I don't pretend to have thought this through exhaustively and I don't pretend to be capital C correct about a damn thing. But here are my thoughts, muddled and decidedly uncogent as they are.

It'd be nice if I had a very high moral high ground to stand on (as, in fact, many people do see RPF as an issue of morality), and I'd feel a lot more secure if I, in fact, I saw things in black and white and felt things in black and white, and I were able to say, with conviction, "Yeah, you know what, there's a line I will not cross and this is it. No RPFs, none, and that's it, that's a squick, it's morally wrong."

But I don't have that line. I mean, not there, anyway. It's not a squick. And if it's morally wrong, I don't feel it sharply and instinctively like I feel other things are morally wrong. Is that...wrong?

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[livejournal.com profile] pennswoods had this great thread about why people ship what they ship. And it's a very personal and raw, so I don't want to just casually link it here (but Shannon's great and I love following her on all the networks is what I'm saying). Anyway, many many of the comments are really great, and I posted, got some wonderful feedback, and I wanted to just reproduce for you what I wrote there.

I think this might merit a separate post I'd like to see one day (or start) here, but I'm one of those fans that identify with Sherlock. I love John; I do, but I identify with Sherlock. The performance of being Sherlock Holmes, the ambition of Sherlock Holmes, the insecurity and emotion and the uncontrolled bits and super-locked-down controlled bits, and the wanting of all of it, and the absolute not wanting of all of it. Sherlock is just...who I identify with.

John, I love, and Martin Freeman I love, but I almost love John through Sherlock's eyes. I love John through earlgreytea68's eyes. I love John through the fandom's eyes. But Sherlock, I never had to read meta or watch him be a BAMF in a fic or appreciate the actor in other roles. He's broken and I love him when he's pining, I love him when he's made whole, I love him when he finds that thing that makes him happy. I love that WHEN he's made whole, it isn't that he stops running or has a reason to stop running; he has someone to run WITH. And John, who doesn't know like Sherlock has known, that he's drawn to these things he shouldn't be drawn to, finds that too. And they can be happy in their way together. Running.

I really want Sherlock to be happy, but I sit with him in the pining and angst and pain too. And I ship johnlock because I can't see him loving anyone else. I can't see anyone else making him happy. I can't see anyone else having the power to hurt him or to make him jump off a building. John is it for Sherlock, and I feel that so much, I think about it and feel it every damn day.

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