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Making this post so I can pin it to the top of my LJ feed. Thinking ahead! Will go back and add more threads as we go through them.
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So Rowan MacBean (@macbean221b on twitter) was looking to do a reread of all the Harry Potter books. This was late June or early July. I jumped on it, since I'm that heathen who never got past the slog of book five, and a few others signed on, but since we're all reading it at (probably) different times and at different paces, we were looking for a common space for a conversation. And because tumblr utterly sucks for threaded comments...well, we're utilizing my LJ space. *ta da*

Some notes: I just turned on anon commenting on my whole blog for this. If you don't have an LJ account and are commenting anon, just sign off so we know who's saying what. Also, captcha is turned on at the moment, but if that gets to be super annoying then I can turn it off. LJ comment threading works just like ao3 comment threading basically, so it shouldn't be entirely too foreign.

@the twitter people who signed on to do the readalong -- you don't have to use these threads, and livetweeting is of course still useful if we're on at similar times. I personally tend to be on way late in the nights and don't nearly get to catch up on day tweets. Personally, if you do livetweet, bringing your comments back here would be lovely, but of course not necessary. This is mainly just for conversation if you like it! And if you wanna use this space for live-commenting, you are very welcome to. (It would basically be you making a comment and then replying to that comment over and over again. It sends a million emails to me but I don't mind!)

@the non-twitter people who responded positively to the reread, you're free to look in on here as well, assuming we get a conversation going!

@Rowan, I don't know if we're going to do one big open thread or one post per book, but I've gone ahead and named this one the "book one" thread obviously. Anything's amenable for change though, so just...lemme know!

P.S. I'm making this thread slightly early so that anyone (looking at you, Chelsea) can get comfortable with the threading/commenting system here. This isn't the most official thing ever, but we were thinking maybe starting the reread on Harry's birthday -- July 31, which is this Friday.

Edit: P.S.S. I forgot one more thing! Introductions are in order, since we definitely won't all know each other. Please also feel free to make introductions in the comments below, including your HP fannish history, your house, OTP, sensitive spots, and whatever else pops into your head. <3

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