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I started this post literally 3+ weeks ago, after I found myself downloading Delicious on iTunes at 3 in the morning. Here's the U.S. link. You can rent it for a little as $4 in standard def or buy it for $8 in high def. You can read [livejournal.com profile] mid0nz's interview with the writer-director, Tammy Riley-Smith, here.

I also livetweeted some idiotic thoughts along with it if you'd like to see. If you've ever wondered what sort of person I am, I am the kind of person who tweets about the Crime of M. Lange cinematography and chef!Shezza feels in the same film. Most of those thoughts really are idiotic though, so don't blame me if you click on it hoping for otherwise.

Non-spoilery writeup first, behind the cut for its obnoxious length.

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Below the cut is a review of sorts. But I'm somewhat terrified to post it, because it's not a great review. And I mean that both in quality and in assessment. It's a rambly and generally negative reaction to a film. I'm sorry about that, I really am. I feel very much like a killjoy posting this, and I tend to stay away from critique in fandom for a reason. But I thought I owed at least Mid0nz an honest reaction.

Cut for, again, obnoxious length and for spoilers.

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Certainly, your mileage may vary, and I absolutely hope that it does.

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