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Mar. 23rd, 2017 12:02 pm
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  • Wed, 20:55: RT @tonyposnanski: 99% of Muslims are not ISIS 99% of Christians are not in the KKK 99% of illegal immigrants are not violent 100% of Na…
  • Wed, 21:06: RT @lindsayzoladz: an app where you can automatically transfer your menstrual cramps to a politician who does not support reproductive heal…
  • Wed, 21:11: RT @AmaniQuinnea: Ppl are mad but fail to realize this can help children with incarcerated parents cope. Sesame Strt was meant for every ch…
  • Wed, 21:22: TFP wasn't my fav but they actually answered the hypothetical of who Sherlock would choose to kill between John and Mycroft, which is huge.
  • Wed, 23:14: RT @burntkiss: 100% of women say they don't give a fuck if their health benefits men
  • Wed, 23:16: Thing I'm randomly fed up with: people feeling guilty for crushing on the Beast or Simba. Like, no, that is perfectly normal tbh.
  • Thu, 01:22: This thread has moved offline and among my coworkers now. What have I done.
  • Thu, 02:57: RT @rustypolished: Comics seem to be the only medium that isn't obsessed with creating or maintaining the illusion that WW2 was fought by a…
  • Thu, 03:54: RT @cheese1t: 스티커가!
  • Thu, 04:09: Oh my dudes. I'm about to end the canon part of the Kenshin series. Then I've got the OVAs at home and the live action movies. WAHHH.

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