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Mar. 17th, 2017 12:02 pm
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  • Thu, 17:16: RT @quartzen: Wonderful essay, good read for anyone interested storytelling and how we talk about stories beyond the scope of My Neighbor T…
  • Thu, 17:17: RT @quartzen: What does it mean as a writer to offer comfort to the reader, to love the reader? Is that a desirable aim? Are things like th…
  • Thu, 17:17: RT @quartzen: When we talk about comfort reads, I feel there's often a sense of guilt about them, that we aren't supposed to be _comforted_…
  • Thu, 17:17: RT @quartzen: I am often tense when reading, waiting for the queer characters to get killed, the women to get killed or knocked down a peg…
  • Thu, 17:17: RT @quartzen: Happy endings aren't equally distributed in books; when reviews talk about a book being heartwrenching, I know who in the boo…
  • Thu, 17:18: RT @ann_leckie: Thread worth reading. I sometimes wonder if insistence on "heartwrenching" and "shocking" being the best/only worthwhile th…
  • Thu, 17:19: RT @Passeriform: Itself a thread worth reading.
  • Thu, 17:56: @fffinnagain when you have a moment, I had a Q I wanted to ask you re: our ship representation. Is jl over-repped?…
  • Thu, 18:02: Three pages into Ancillary Justice, SFF book narrated by a ship-AI-turned-soldier-with-a-body and all she uses is s…
  • Thu, 18:23: Hubs rolled a demon hunter--a WoW class that's super mobile, has a dash and a class-unique double jump--named...Sanic. With blue hair.

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